We're a group of designers that got together to learn about awesome Black Womxn Designers and highlight their important contributions to our field. We're passionate about amplifying and advocating for more Black Womxn in design!
Thanks to the below designers for helping to make this zine. 
Zine Contributors
Ben Clark  |  Linkedin         
Kemba Earle  |  Instagram
Caylin Gaines  |  Linkedin     
Lisa Stocker   |  Linkedin       
Angela Wang  |  Portfolio 
Kim Wilkins  |  Linkedin           
Thalia Wilson  |  Linkedin    
This project was completed as part of a capstone project in the Interaction Design MA program at University of North Texas. 
Please reach out to Lisa at lisastocker.nw@gmail.com with questions or feedback. ​​​​​​​
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